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Are you a newly started self-employed entrepreneur with a website? And struggling with your copywriting, sales copy, or your SEO texts? Well. I will let you in on a little secret. I have not yet met the entrepreneur who was able to do his/her own copy. Not really. And I have met some great and quite skilled people along my way as a professional copywriter. And the reason? It is simple. The more you are involved in a subject or a product, the less you can see the values and benefits from the outside.  Your own copywriting will most likely lead to overly technical phrases, words, and concepts. Either boring your reader to death. Or slowly killing your business idea, because you aren´t getting through with the most important message on first page. You need customer-friendly text and powerful messages to lift your business. And I am here to help you get it.

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Creating successful content is all about addressing the customer with great awareness of their needs, wants, and dreams. And do it from the core of your own business. And also being so skillful about it, that no one feels manipulated or pressured. There is no sale in that kind of approac. So as a copywriter, I place great emphasis on moving into the sales arena as naturally as possible – by keeping my focus on delivering the right messages to the right people. Based on a heart to head communication. People are smart. And no one has any time to waste. Therefore your messages on the company-website needs to go straight to the point, and tell the story of you, your business and what you have to offer. So you leave all customers with a good and clear impression of your business.

And remember this …

  • Buying adds and capturing a seat on Googles first page is not worth the money, before you are able to present a descent landing page for your visiting customers. Know where to put your investment, and get a good start.
  • You are not supposed to handle every single task within your own business. Some tasks need to be addressed on a professional level. Read: Copywriting, sales copy, and SEO texts – of course.
  • Working with a copywriter will get you: professional search engine optimized text and good copywriting for your marketing. Without breaking a sweat.

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